An Ideal way to ‘Acclimitise’ in Leh

Snow capped mountains, picturesque views and amazing portraits, Ladakh is definitely a traveller’s delight. Reaching Ladakh is easier now than it was half a decade ago..thanks to the air connectivity from Delhi and Mumbai. But wait, you just can’t land on the airport, drag your luggage and head to the famous spots!!!- The reason is you land from 200Ft. to over 10,000 Ft. altitude in less than 2 hours and your body takes time to adapt.

Day 1

The Key to explore Ladakh is don’t jump to places soon…let your body decide the pace. Lower oxygen levels may cause Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS that results in headache, nausea, drizzles, loss of appetite and discomfort. All you need to do is be gentle with your self, take enough rest , have scrumptious meal and stay hydrated for the very first day. Avoid heavy physical activities like hiking on the first day. In the evening, take stroll on the streets of Leh.

View Captured from Leh airport

On our way to Hotel , Leh. Prayer Flags tied up all across the bridge.

A few Kms of walk.from the hotel . Sunset scenes at the Indus River

Day 2 -Exploring Leh….

Hemis Monastery

Hemis is one of the oldest and richest monasteries of Ladakh region.As mentioned in my previous blog post , Ladakh is very few places in India that practices Buddhism. Located at 45Km from Leh, this Monastery offers the first trailer of the scenic beauty of Ladakh while you embark on a road trip. While entering, people learn the Buddhist philosophy by interpreting the ‘Buddhist circle of life’ or Bhavachakra. Symbolically , the first layer signifies the reasons of sufferings or three poisons ignorance, attachment and aversion is the reason for suffering which holds true even today .

You may relish on traditional Ladakhi soup or Thukpa with a plate full of Momos in the monastery canteen .

A climb of 200 Steps leads you to the terrace of monastery . Prayer Flags flying in the air and Buddha Statue signifying that the Lord is protecting the region .

Hemis Monastery

Lord Buddha guarding from the top

War Museum, Hall of Fame

War Museum was constructed by Indian army to pay obeisence to the Indian Soldiers who had laid down their lives while protecting the motherland . The Museum elaborates the Kargil war, arms and ammunations used and Nation’s unsung Heros. While the other part of the museum explains how the brave sons of the soil protect the motherland in the most hostile conditions of Siachen. This is bound to give you goosebumps and instill a pride and glory to be born in this land .

Pictureistiquely too, this place is beautiful nestled between Himalayas with the Stoke Kangri Peaks in the background.

Entrance of Hall of Fame. The tri colour flying high instills sense of pride .

Shanti Stupa

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Leh is shanti Stupa. It was constructed by a Buddhist Lama as a part of Peace Pagoda Mission to promote world peace and prosperity and also embark 2500 Years of Buddhism . It is a symbolic representation of ties of Buddhism between India and Japan. It is of two level structure – The first level is Dharmachakra or Buddha’s way of attaining Enlightenment while the second level depicts life and death of Lord Buddha . Situated at a considerable height , this place offers splendid panaromic views of the city.

Shanti Stupa- Spreading peace and prosperity

Amazing portrait from Shanti Stupa

Leh Market

The essence of travel is different cultures and people and what better way to explore than visit the prominent markets there . Leh Market is a great place to sit , relax and relish on various delicacies. You may even shop for pashmina shawls, scarfs and sovenieurs to gift it to your loved ones back home .


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