Konkan’s Best Kept Secrets Near Alibagh……

On First week of January, I packed off my bag intending for places to visit in 2 days!! and hence decided to take myself to ‘Alibagh’ a popular weekend getaway from Mumbai.

However, a bit of a research online tickled my innate desire to explore relatively unknown places- devoid of ‘Touristy’ vibe.

This blog is aims to capture glimpses of Alibagh and the best kept secrets of areas nearby.

How to reach:

Alibagh is nearly 100 Kms from Mumbai

By sea: Ferries are available from gateway of India which will take you to Mandwa. From Mandwa

By road: Alternatively you may take Bus to Alibagh or simply accelerate your car.

Total cost:

Approx. budget required is 4000 INR. This included my travel thru and fro Ahmedabad, stay for 2 Nights, food and local travel as well.
The Popular Beaches:

Ofcourse, the most popular is Alibagh beach in Alibagh . The beach is well developed, maintained and clean with a lot of water sports activities to indulge in. ‘Kolaba Fort’ built by great warrior Shivaji stands tall near the shore of Arabian sea. During low tide one can easily walk to the fort or enjoy pony ride. Nagaon is yet another popular beach, relatively less crowded lies at 8Kms from Alibagh.


Alibagh Beach and Kolaba Fort


Pony ride from Alibagh to Kolaba Fort during low tide


Best Kept Secrets:

In 40 Kms periphery surrounding Alibagh, lies not so popular beaches in the Konkan such as

  • Revdanda Beach- Nestled on the extreme end of the village, Revdanda is a virgin beach. This beach is fisherman’s delight. Few beaches in India where you find flora and fauna more than human population.
Revanda Beach, A loners delight
  • Kolrai Beach- Approximately 13Kms away from Nagaon, there lies a village called Kolrai, hence its shore named after it.. As you climb up, the views are bound to mesmerise you. One also gets to see the light house and climb up the fort for mini hiking experience.
Kolrai, Views while you go uphill


  • Akshi and Versoli Beach- These two are located near Nagaon. Early mornings or evenings are the best to visit these beaches. Further, they are a home to abundance of Avian life .


A quiet morning at Akshi Beach


  • Kashid Beach- Driving further down from Kolrai lands you to Kashid Beach. A place to simply relax, have good food and enjoy the jouney you took with soothing breeze and expanse of Arabian sea for a good company.


Kashid Beach


All and All, I explored a total of 7 beaches in good 2 days !!!!
Reasons to make this as your next plan:

  1. Local Konkani Culture:

India is a land of various cultures, her beauty is its diversity. The main source of livelihood here is fishing. You get to see splash of bright colours on houses resting in between coconut trees. Here, relish delicacies specially varieties of sea food. People here are warm and hospitable.

Canopy of Coconut Trees 
Fishing is major source of livelihood here, local women selling dried fish


  1. Less Commercialisation

Leaving Alibagh, adjoining areas are not commercialised. This maintains originality of the region and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  1. Nature’s Abode

From Sunrise to sunsets and picture perfect silhouette to Arabian sea accompanying you while you travel, the canopy of coconut trees and fresh air is a magic in true sense. This isn’t just a piece of land, but a creation of mother nature,green carpet at her bay with backwaters forming a picturistic landscape. Pristine clean beaches and varieties of wetland birds makes it a nature lover’s delight.

Flock of wetland birds
Pond Heron
Backwaters, surreal!!!!
Reflections during sunset at Versoli Beach



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