Trek to Kalsubai

Kalsubai, popularly known as ‘Everest of Maharashtra’ is situated in Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra amidst the one of the regions of abundance of bio-diversity and ecology in the entire world-Western Ghats. This is situated at an elevation of 5400 Ft. and is the highest point in the state.The mountain ranges being Sahyadris.

As I have experienced, Sahyadris beautify a thousand fold in monsoons and hence I trekked to this place during monsoons. Westarted off our journey from Dadar at 10 pm via road and reached to the base village at 7 in the morning!!! All thanks to our bus getting punctured on the highway.

Fog and mist-monsoon scenes

Kalsubai is a trekker’s destination, but on the contrary you will find many locals,pilgrims climbing uphill since  this place is of a religion significance as well. There is a temple of local deity who  fled to the mountain top since she was punished by the villagers.

After reaching the base village and freshening up in a home stay, we embarked our journey. A beautiful trail taking us from the village to the top. A trail that is serene. A trail that lets you  learn an art called appreciation. A trail that infuses fresh air and awakens senses. A trail that brings in much needed change in morbid life. A trail that is unique still ordinary. Well, ordinary because this is an easy hike. If you want to begin trekking, I would recommend you to start with one.

This can be attempted by first time trekkers since:

  • This is just a day’s trail, good for beginners.
  • Trek route is well marked and easy with lot of trekking enthusiast climbing up. This is a much needed boost to beginners.
  • You need not worry about luggage, since ascend and descend route being same, bag pack can be dropped at a homestay.
  • All thanks to locals, there are stalls even on the top for you to buy water bottle, or biscuits.
Streams gushing by, mountains in the background-A view while was having breakfast

Our hiking began after crossing a fresh stream of water. The feeling was truly magical followed by 3.5-4 hours of ascend to reach kalsubai. After nearly completing the hike, ladders needs to be climbed to reach the top which is a plateau. Ladder is blessing in disguise from villagers who got it built for hikers and devotees making the route accessible. The lush green mountains and series of water falls  compels you to reach the top. The gushing voice of water streams is obvious accompanied by incessant drizzles  making it a blissful experience.

Ladders to reach Kalsubai top

Disclaimer :

  • There are a lot of monkeys while you climb the top. Never leave food in the side pockets of your bag pack. Mind your own pace and don’t feed the animal. Monkeys in groups can be dangerous, remember you are in their territory.
  • Always carry a windcheater while you trek in monsoons.
  • Never trek with sport shoes. They aren’t meant for terrains in monsoons. The sole goes off plus there are chances of injury.
  • Always carry raincoat and polythene bags when trekking in monsoon.

The only con was turbulent wind and fog which made the astounding beauty of valley blur. Descending was a simple task and took nearly 2.5 hrs, however owing to slippery terrain, you have to be extra cautious while getting down.

Mountain scenes

Kalsubai was Indeed a great, easy experience taking you to the mountains en route forests.

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