‘Diu’- The Pearl of Arabian Sea

‘Diu’ is a town lying in the Union Territory of India, Daman and Diu. Historically, possessed by the Portuguese- the Portugal prominence is still evident in the ancient architecture and monuments.

Geographically, it  is secluded all hail to the location that it nests in. Factually, ‘Diu’ is tenth least populated districts of India, sustaining mainly on tourism and fisheries. These facts  tags it as  an ideal ‘must visit’ places while exploring ‘khushboo – Gujarat ki’ though it is governed by the Centre.

It is well connected by roads and also has air connectivity mostly from Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Due to its proximity from ‘Gir’- World’s only home for Asiatic Lions and ‘Somnath’- India’s first of 12 Jyortilingas, Diu can easily be toured in.  Click on the following link: Diu to Gir and Somnath

However, not to undermine the treasures of  delightful diu, here is the guide to explore Diu:

  1. Nagoa Beach

The most popular beaches in Diu is Nagoa. A soothing place to relax and explore the gushing tides of the Arabian with tender coconut water and corn to bite. Nagoa is relatively crowded. It also has water sports activities like parasailing, speed boat and Jet ski ride to offer. And where the sand of the beach end, there lies a cliff . I just climbed over it and all that I did was stared at the sea, observed it in complete silence- a pure bliss.

Nagoa Beach, Diu
Arabian sea, from the cliff
Street delicacies at Nagoa


2. Jalandhar Beach

If you want to feel solitude, just you, sea, tides and the wind then Jalandhar Beach is perfect . With little or no crowd, this gives you a  feel of a private beach in the vast expanse of Arabian Sea. Not a predominant beach of Diu, you can get down the waters through the heritage route. All I did there was played hide and seek with the sea, danced with the waves and sang the glory of Nature.

Surreal Arabian Sea at Jalandhar Beach

3. INS Khukri Memorial 

INS Khukri is the only warship till date to be  lost in any battle. This Warcraft was lost in the  battle of Indo -Pak war in 1971. The Captain commanding the Ship, Mahendra Nath Mulla led from the front and chose to sunk with the ship. Over 18 officers and 176 sailors have lost their lives. Capt. Mahendra Nath Mulla was posthumously awarded with Maha Vir Chakra for his bravery and valour. The prototype of Khukri is made and still stands firm as a testimony of warship and sacrifice.

4. Saint Paul Church and Diu Fort

Saint Paul’s Church was built by the Portuguese and is still a functional church. The Portugal architecture is evident in the ancient church of diu. Diu fort lies in the west of Diu town and was built by then Sultan of Gujarat under the colonial rule of Portugal.


St. Paul's church
St. Paul’s Church. Image courtesy: google

5. Gangeshwar Mahadev, Diu

A tiny little lord shiva temple lies very close to the sea. Ideally, this place is a must visit at night. The waves bow don to the lord Shiva’s Shivlinga. Place of worship, faith and obeisance – the surreal sea and cold breeze at night makes it perfect to seek blessings from the almighty.

6. Naida Caves

An unpopular spot in diu, Naida caves are the caves built by the Portuguese. The shades of yellow, brown and green superimpose to form a painter’s sculpture. Definitely a must visit  place for photogenic audience, photography lovers and for photoshoots.

Naida Caves, Diu

Diu, locally can  easily be  explored via rented two wheelers at affordable rates. A visit also may not burn a hole in your pocket and generally comes around 2500-3000 bucks for one and a half day’s time.

Diu is also sought out place for the population of Gujarat, since Gujarat being a dry state.

While in Diu, local food joint isn’t to be missed for authentic Gujarati breakfast and Masala Chai.

Gathiya with fried mirchi
Thepla and Dahi with Masala Chai

Delightful Diu is remarkably a ‘Jewel of Arabian Sea’ a respite in today’s chaos.






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