A Quick Guide to ‘Sandhan’

Hello folks!! My previous blog was all about my experiences in Sandhan.

Link : Adventures of ‘Dhan Dhan’ Sandhan

However- here I shall be giving quick tips, hacks and guide on how to explore India’s own Canyon or India’s Valley of shadows.

How to reach: There is no direct connectivity to Sandhan . To reach there, board Kasara local from Dadar .Refer adjacent link: Train time table .

I boarded last local to Kasara. From Kasara Jeeps are available which will take you to base village Samrat.

Return Journey: On the way back, the nearest village is Dehne. From Dehne take a Jeep to Asangao . From Asangao back to Dadar. Refer adjacent link: Return train time table

Best Season to visit : Typically November-March is a good time to attempt full descend trek to Sandhan.

Few Other important points to be kept in mind:

  • Never attempt Sandhan alone. It is of paramount importance to have a group of fellow trekkers with you.
  • Don’t trek to Sandhan in Monsoon. The water level to be crossed is in sufficient depth and rocks slippery.
  • Beginners/novice and first time trekkers attempt an easy grade trek first before Sandhan.
  • Go with experienced trekking agency/institution before attempting treks that require support equipment (technical support) to complete. Get in touch with me to know more on this.
  • Your prime gear is a pair of good trekking shoes with ankle support.
  • Always carry 2 litres of water . Sandhan is lucky enough for trekkers in a way that packaged bottles are available after descend.
  • Trek at your own pace with steady mind. Don’t compete.
  • Carry only what you require. A pair of cloths,2 litres of bottle, a napkin ,mosquito repellent and sleeping bag is sufficient. You wouldn’t want your back to sore during a treacherous trek.
  • Be mentally prepared to embrace the unexpected coming your way. Giving up ain’t an option. Sandhan generally takes 8-10 hrs to complete the descend and another 3-4 hrs to reach Dehne.
  • It is always beneficial to start trekking in early morning. This helps in completing the descend on time and ample time for rest/camping time.
  • In ‘CAPITAL’ ‘DON’T LITTER’. As a trekker, traveller seeing places dirty and littered is a big turn off . We have no right to spoil what is not ours.

The Take Away: If you are someone who seeks pleasure out of your comfort zone, wants to over come fear and instill a self belief with a pat on your back saying ‘I DID IT!!!’ then definitely go out and hit Sandhan.

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